Adhorrible and Deathlicious

Adhorrible and Deathlicious

Release date: May 25, 2015
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Roy Philip Nohl

Roy Philip Nohl
Full length Album 2010

recorded at
Studio A (Italy) Feb 2009 - Mar 2010

produced and mixed by
Edoardo Nicodemo & Demetrio Scopelliti
mastered by
Maurizio Giannotti at "Newmastering Studio", Milan
all music by
Demetrio Scopelliti & Edoardo Nicodemo
all lyrics by
Michele Nocentini
bass on the album
Alessandro Cacace (special thanks)
artwork and design
Tosello Davide ( photography
Lucia Clopine Colombo (

Track List:

00 Roy Philip Nohl
01 I Sold Drugs to Little Red Riding Hood
02 Slaughterhouse, Obituaries and a Love Story
03 New Skin
04 Dead by Six o'clock
05 Because of You
06 Red Roses and Vermins
07 Vampire
08 Nice Pics from the End of the World
09 Ten Milligrams or More
10 The Morning After

Cold Cold Bodies
Full length Album 2007
2007 Valery Records s.r.l.

Recorded at Studio A, Vercelli (Italy), during spring 2007 ~ mixed by Arcadia & Mattia Ferrari ~ mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts Studio, Milan ~ (Italy) ~ all music and lyrics by D. Scopelliti, N. Spinogatti ~ bass on the album by Alessandro Cacace ~ cover shot by Loredana Guinicelli ~ artwork and layout by Alessio Cappini ~ band pix by Marcella Scopelliti ~ video directed by Margherita Chiatti w/ Sara Princivalle, Giuseppe D'Oria, Massimiliano Leone ~ produced by Niky Lou Rosh

Track List:

She's got a knife
Kissing cynaide
Coagulated and almost forgotten
Ravens and doves
Oxygen and a very good pill
It corrodes the stars
Cadavers under formalin
Love is dead
Burn the witches
Where somehow it's always december
Of rust, needles and a taste of blood

Includes 'ravens and doves'

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Fracture Concrete
Full length Album 2005

Recorded and mixed
in Sep-Oct 2004
at Nadir Studios
Genoa, Italy

Track List:

Prozac Generation
Seven7een B3low
Net Realm
i Sangre
Sick Sick Sick
Join A New Pain

Zero And Less
...Et In Arcadia Ego
extra data included

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~ Net-Realm ~
CD Single 2002

~ Synth ~
NoBrain Records
self 2001

Track List:
Mind Control 
Belief Machine
Future Shock
Shiver Vision
Human Assault
Terminal Breath
Inner Hate

System Failure

Trust, 1999

~ Trust ~
Autoproduzione su CD 1999

Track List

1. Behind
3. Senseless-Inane

Primo Demotape, 1998

~ Primo Demotape ~

Track List

Time's End
War of Silence
Bloody Rain

Time to Move, 2001

~Time to Move~
NoBrain CD Compilation 2001

Arcadia's Shiver Vision

Other Bands:
Raw Power, Extrema,
Crackdown, Remorse,

Into the Underground, 1998

~Into the Underground~
CD Compilation 1998
Whiplash Productions

Arcadia's War of Silence

Italian Experiences, 1998

~ Italian Experiences ~
CD Compilation 1998
Path of Experience Rec.

Arcadia's Tool