American Tour I 2004

US Tour Photos

US Tour Photos

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Thursday - March 4, 2004

6:30 hrs

Edoardo picked me up at my house.

8:00 hrs

Arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport and check-in.

10:00 hrs

Taking off - Eight hrs' flight.

12:00 hrs
-NY time-

Arrived in New York.

17:00 hrs

Arrived in Tampa Florida - Temp: 29 C. - Rob Grohl met us at the airport.

17:30 hrs

Got into Rob's car and left the airport. Rob put on a CD. Fantastic place and fantastic cars around us. After getting lost in Tampa, arrived at the hotel. It was equipped with swimming-pool and hydromassage.

20:00 hrs

Dinner at Hooters fast-food, served by pretty waitresses in swimsuit, in the style of Pamela Anderson.

22:30 hrs

Feeling dead tired, we decided to go to sleep.

US Tour Photos

US Tour Photos

Friday - March 5, 2004

7:00 hrs

Waking up and breakfast near a bookstore - coffee and orange bread - fantastic!

9:30 hrs

Visited the book store - thousands of low cost CDs and magazines.

11:00 hrs

Rob picked us up and the Austrian band Spearhead and took us to Ramada hotel. Here we met the boss Jack and a nice fatty called Fish. We made a deep acquaintance with the Austrian band. Very nice guys, especially the drummer.

14:00 hrs

Had dinner at Hooters. Were served roast beef sandwiches, spicy bucatini in chicken stock. Wow!

16:00 hrs

Edoardo and Fish drove to the airport to meet Tommy and "Bodycount Ice-T".
When we realized we needed a US transformer to use our POD and the music bases, Rob brought us into contact with a group of three Puerto Rican guys. We saw them coming in a broken-down red van, as similar as the ones often seen in movies. They asked us what we needed and the money for it. Appearances can be deceptive as they soon came back with the change and the receipt.

17:00 hrs

Rob came to tell us it was impossible to have drums by the night. "Big problem!"

18:00 hrs

Tommy arrived at the airport.

19:00 hrs

One Jessie came to take us to the pre-party at Boomerz - Seminole, Fl. We liked the place, so crowded, buffet. Tommy was visibly tired and fell asleep on his armchair twenty minutes just before the performance.

23:00 hrs

Went on the stage, a quick check, ready, go! We opened with "Mind Control" Intro. A technical problem occurred in the middle of the song: a guitar jack was inadvertently unplugged. We continued with "Net-Realm" Intro, nu progressive "Shiver Vision", "Nu Way", "Useless Fight". It was an uninterrupted 30 minutes' massacre. A very good performance, according to the audience and the other bands.
People were visibly struck. We heard them say: "You were the best band listended to tonight". Fantastic!
" Spearhead" played after us.

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