Arcadia first gathering happened in 1996, a normal day after school, in the drummer's garage. After the first rehearsing session, and a 3 song demo CD, Arcadia obtained a contract with No Brain Records and the band recorded the first official full length, "Synth", promoting it live in the whole nation, supporting known Italian bands like Extrema, Raw Power and Crackdown. Years later the band had the opportunity to make some shows in America which brought them to play with some icons like Obituary, Testament, Body Count, Henry Rollins. The band entered the Nadir Studio in Genoa to record "Fracture Concrete" and moved to Los Angeles for one year and a half, playing more than 250 shows in the whole continent!!!

In 2007 the band got back to Europe as the will to play in new countries was always growing up. As soon as Arcadia were back home, they started organizing their first European tour which brought them to play in UK and Eastern Europe for a couple of months. After a gig in Prague the band was contacted by Valery Records, which offered a deal to record their forthcoming album "Cold Cold Bodies"; back from the tour the band stopped for a while for the recording sessions, and as soon as the record was out, Arcadia was again on the road in Italy, central and eastern Europe and Asia! While working on new songs, the band found anyway the time to open for the Italian tour of Agnostic Front and to headline another European tour.

The latest album "Roy Philip Nohl" is out since 2010 and the band was reviewed by the best magazines in the world. After a two week tour with Six Feet Under and Illdisposed and after having supported Napalm Death in their Italian tour, the band was back to the East headlining a tour in Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy... The videoblog of the tour is online on this website, and is frequently visited!!!

Back home, the band didn't take any rest.... and signed a deal with Bruchstein Agency the band hit the whole Europe supporting Illdisposed, supporting Raunchy, supporting Mnemic... After joining some festivals during the summer, above all the Sonisphere '13 in Milan, with Iron Maiden and Megadeth and the Galapagai Fest in Lithuania supporting Clawfinger, the band took some rest to focus on the new release.

After a long pre-production, Arcadia is actually finishing to record "Adhorrible and Deathlicious", likely to see the light by the end of May 2015 for Masterpiece Dist/Beyond Prod. Don't forget to check out the new forthcoming video, out soon in March, for the hitting single "Today We Fight"!!!

The band current line up is:




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