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~ September 2020 ~

Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti & Edoardo "Cacao" Nicodemo join forces for a digital "Live under quarantine" version of the song "Slaughterhouse, Obituary and a Love Story". Check it out here:

The band is currently in the studio for recording some brand new material.

Updates coming soon, follow us on Facebook & Youtube.

ArcadiaBastardCore Team

~ September 2017 ~

Hi Folks!

Sorry for the huge lackness of news! We'll try to be better at that from now. Promised!!!

Let's start saying that we'll be the supporting band for the mighty "Children of Bodom" on September 14, 2017 at the Bingo Club, Kiev, Ukraine.

For those who live far away, please check our YouTube channel afterwards.

We're proud to announce our new bass player: Davide Castagnone.
"Dave" has already been following the band for some years as live and studio engineer.
Here is his killer bass playthrough of the track: "Today We Fight" from our latest album "Adhorrible & Deathlicious".
Let's all share this video and welcome Dave to the Arcadia Family.

We're currently writing a new album and updates about the writing/recording process which will be posted as soon as possible. It's gonna be a busy Autumn...

Cheers. Arcadia Bastard Crew

~ August 2017 ~

We're tracking for the sixth album.

Ten songs have been written so far and we'll be warming up for the Finnish legend "Children of Bodom" on 14 September in Kiev, Ukraine. That's a good way to be back on track I believe.

Our Latest album "Adhorrible & Deathlicious" has been re-released indipendently by the band in August, you can find it on Spotify, Itunes and all the digital platforms like Amazon.

~ June 2015 ~

Arcadia have recently released their new album "Adhorrible and Deathlicious" through Beyond Productions.

The album is now available on this website, on "Masterpiece Distribution" website and as digital on "Itunes" as well as on the major digital platforms like "Amazon".

Here is the playthrough of the song "Soul to Bleach", played by the band's guitar player, Dimitry:

~ May 2015 ~

The official video of the song "Today We Fight" is out!

It was shot in Norway in April and directed by David Langbach and Stian Olsen Dahl (Strobe).

It's a preview of the 5th upcoming album of Arcadia "Adhorrible and Deathlicious" which is gonna be released on May 25, 2015 by Beyond prod.

~ April 2015 ~

Arcadia are about to release their 5th album "Adhorrible and Deathlicious" through Beyond prod. & Masterpiece distribution.

The release date is set for May 25 worldwide, both physical cd & digital on itunes and many other platforms.

The new bass player of the band is Emil Bingsli from Norway.

Arcadia will have a couple of shows in Italy as release parties in the end of May (see tourdates section on this website).

Here is the teaser of the video of the song "Today We Fight". The video is gonna be released on May 18, 2015.

~ January 2015 ~

ARCADIA got signed with Beyond Prod.!

Beyond productions proudly communicates the signing of the Italy/Norway based band Arcadia.

Arcadia play and spread the "BastardCore" trademark all over the planet, costantly touring Europe, USA, Asia since 1996.

They've been on tour with Obituary, Testament, Body Count, Henry Rollins, Extrema, Raw Power, Agnostic Front, Six Feet Under, Illdisposed, Raunchy, Mnemic, Napalm Death, Clawfinger and played festivals as Sonisphere '13 in Milano, warming up for Iron Maiden and Megadeth...

Still sticking at the BastardCore style, they're currently producing their 5th upcoming album "Adhorrible and Deathlicious".

Further details about it are coming soon....

Beyond Productions - Italy

~ November 2014 ~

ARCADIA officially entered the studio to record their 5th full length album: "Adhorrible and Deathlicious".
The album comes 5 years after the latest "Roy Philip Nohl".
The band will release a statement about the record label involved, date of the release and tourdates soon.

You can enjoy the first 4 episodes (videos) of the studio diary here:

Be prepared...

~ May 2014 ~

This is a "Guitar Video" of an instrumental version of "Sick Sick Sick" from the Arcadia album "Fracture Concrete" of 2004.

New mix, new guitars, bass & drums editing.

Hope you like it, in the meanwhile I'll work on the next video. Any ideas?

Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti

~ April 2014 ~

Arcadia are hitting the studio in May 2014 to track more than 12 songs for the next new album.

The title of the "disk" will be "Adhorrible and Deathlicious".

This 5th work will represent the natural evolution of the sound of the band which started on the very first Arcadia debut album "Synth".

Some videos from the studio will be posted soon on this website as well as on the Youtube and Facebook official page.

Stay tuned for updates soon.


Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti

~ February 2014 ~

Hey what's up MetalHeads?

We're a bit late with news but Arcadia is going to be on tour in Europe next week.

These are the first dates of this 2014, basically from this upcoming week:

March 2014 (Romania)
6th Metal Fest, B52 Club, Bucharest
7th Club Piano, Tirgu Jiu
8th Club BarRock, Petrosani

April 2014 (Bulgaria)
10th Club Stage 51, Plovdiv
11th Club Smile, Varna
12th Club Fans, Sofia

May 2014 (Norway and Scandinavia)
31st Bar Rock, Skien (Support: Frail Grounds + Dimitry)

More shows to come...

We're also working on the new album, Arcadia is supposed to get into the studio from May 2014. More details about this topic in the next newsletter.

Stay tuned...

Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti

~ November 2013 ~

After a break, the band has finally scheduled the release of the new record by May 2014. The title is not known yet.

With the next record a new videoclip is to be released probably with the agency Sulago Prod.

Before the official release the band will play live some of the new tracks in a pre listening-concert in Italy in November and after a couple of months the band will hit Romania, Norway and the Baltic Republics for the Winter Tour '14.

~ May 2013 ~

Hello my friends, here we are back after a period but with some juicy news!

Let's start with updating the live section, as Summer is coming and "open air" festivals are right next door!

Arcadia will take part in the Sonisphere Festival 2013, on 8th June in Milan, playing on the Red Bull Stage!!! So, as our Italian shows are not that many, it would be nice of you to come and say hi!

The band will fly to Lithuania, playing at the Galapagai Festival 2013, held on 3rd August!

Of course we didn't forget about our fans, in a short period a bunch of killer new songs will be available for downloading, so, as always... STAY TUNED!


~ Mar 2012 ~

Arcadia are proud to announce that the band will be on tour with Mnemic and Raunchy in Europe.

The tour will kick off on May 3rd in Denmark.

Check the tourdates section for dates.

The tour is called: "Electric March Over Europe".

We look foward to seeing fans & friends on the road.

The official video of the track "I sold drugs to little red riding hood" was also shot 2 weeks ago and will be available by May 2012.


~ Dec 2011 ~

Hi everybody,
sorry for the late updates. We've been really busy negotiating new contracts and agreements for the band activities, touring, recording, management etc.

The tour supporting Illdisposed has been amazing; many thanks to the bands (Illdisposed, Raunchy, Memorial and But We Try It), the tour manager Jorg, the merchandiser Paul Speckmann, the clubs and, of course, you guys who made that possible.
You can check out the tour diary on our videoblog.

Some updates to come in January (new album, video and of course touring...).

Merry Christmas and have a great 2012. See you guys next year!

~ Sep 2011 ~

Arcadia will be on tour from September 30, 2011, supporting Illdisposed and Raunchy from Denmark. The tour will visit Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy.

Click on the image below to view full size banner:

~ May 2011 ~

Hi muthafuckas all around the world!

I just came out the A Studio in Italy where I finished recording the vocals of some brand nu tracks which will be for free download !!

Of course we gave them the good old SICK titles we love: Chocolate and Heroin, Dead Grrrls, Paranoia Barbie !!

Don't forget to check out the blog section and the weird videos of the recording sessions we upload there!

We are also working on the next European Tour, hopefully taking place in Autumn 2011.

If you are in Northern Italy on the 30th of July, we are headlining the Hard Castle Festival, in Alessandria!!! If you come and say "Mike invited me", we'll make special discounts on the merch, PROMISE :D

I think it's all for now, stay motherfucking Arcadia....


~ January 2011 ~

To celebrate the new year, ARCADIA are giving their fans and all the Internet users the opportunity to download for free the new 2011 unreleased track "Chocolate and Heroin". The song is easily downloadable from this website.

Before downloading, you are required to provide some information and subscribe ARCADIA newsletter. An easy and fast registration process will send an automatic message to your email address. Your account can be made active by clicking the link inside the mail body. After confirmation you will be instantly redirected to the track download page.

Click here to register to and download the new 2011 track.

Arcadia Crew

~ November 2010 ~

ARCADIA announce that the second part of the tour supporting the new album "Roy Philip Nohl" will start soon, exactly on 19th November 2010 in Litomerice, Czech Republic (check for tourdates).

You will be able to follow the band on tour on the new blog:

Arcadia will be visiting Scandinavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy.

After finishing the tour the band will release some brand new material available "just" for fans on the official website ( to thank them for so much
respect and support all over the years.

Arcadia on the road soon, we're gonna get ya!!!

~ September 2010 ~

Hello Guys and Metal Fans from all over the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed summer...

Some news regarding Arcadia:

The band released their first video from the new album. The track is "
Slaughterhouse, Obituaries and a Love Story".

You can
check it out on this website as well as on the band's YouTube channel.

The band will probably be on tour in Europe from November.

They are planning to tour Italy, Germany, East Europe and Scandinavia.

Check this site up for updates soon...

A lot of new
reviews about "Roy Philip Nohl" are out these days on the main magazines and webzines all over Europe and will be on the American ones soon.

The scores are really high: that shows the value of the latest CD.

The album is available for download on Look for "Arcadia Roy Philip Nohl" or
click here.

A new video has been shot for the song "I Sold Drugs to Lttle Red Riding Hood". It will be out soon on these pages.

Stay tuned and R&R.

Arcadia Crew

~ June 2010 ~

Arcadia, just back from the "spring session" tour, are now focusing on the promotion of the new record "Roy Philip Nohl".

The record is now available on this website together with the official merchandise and also at "music webstore"; also out soon for digital download on

The band will be opening act for the UK based metal Legend "Napalm Death" at the "Maximum Rock Festival" Trecate, Novara, Italy on July 25, 2010.

~ May 2010 ~

Arcadia's just got back home from the Spring session tour, supporting Six Feet Under and illdisposed.

The latest concert in Bologna at "Music Italy Show" has been cancelled, because of the terrible weather that day.

We need to say thanks to all the bands we played with during the tour, the organization and all the fans who supported us during every single date of the tour.

Soon on line a "Video" tour diary, with stage and backstage scenes, very, very funny.

Next step for Arcadia is the release and promotion of the new album
Roy philip Nohl.

Stay tuned for some exiting updates.

Have a nice Spring time..

~ February 2010 ~

Great news!

Arcadia was asked to take part in a big tour in May; we`ll be opening act for the huge band "
SIX FEET UNDER" (metal blade) from Florida, USA.

We are really proud to announce that since we`ve always been fans of this band ourselves.

We`ll tour Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Romania.

A couple of weeks before leaving on tour, our new album will be released (official date to be annunced soon). We are at the end of the mix, the record sounds really agressive, melodic and innovative...

No doubt we are talking about the best album of Arcadia so far...


~ Winter 2010 ~

Cacao here, Happy New Year to all of you ...

How are you? Did you have a good holiday?

If so that means you're ready to find "ROY PHILIP NOHL" in a few months in the internet and in the best music stores.
Well guys we are almost there, we are almost finishing to work the record out these days... you can actually find some previews on this website, myspace, reverbnation, youtube etc ...

About the cover of the album, I believe it will be appreciated by many fans in the comics world. Perhaps (I should not say it :-D) you could see some clips on the conception and creation soon.

Currently we are choosing the songs that will be included in the tracklist. I can anticipate some titles: 'Vampire', '10 milligrams', 'New Skin', 'Dead by 6 o'clock'.

Do you want to know how it will go on? Stay tuned...

Cacao and Arcadia bastard boyz

~ Autumn 2009 ~

Hi Guys! Hot News!

Finally we chose the album title which will officially be "Roy Philip Nohl", based on the the figure of Roy and his very ethic sexuo-toxic addictions.

The official date of the release is not known yet but it's presumed early 2010.

Arcadia is finishing mixing the album but we'll take a short break and, not to forget our fans, we'll be on tour in a few days, reaching Hungary and Romania.

We will also take the chance to introduce Andrea, which will substitute our former bass player on the Eastern tour.

So my friends, have a look and check on Tour Page if we are playing near your place and give a listen to a couple of nu songs we have on our sites!!!

~ Spring 2009 ~
Special message from Cacao

Hi guyz, it's Cacao here. How's it going?

Here everything is cool, especially now that summer is coming up.

Well, try to guess what ARCADIA BOYZ are doing for you guyz... Maybe you're thinking about a new tour.
No, not yet!
Maybe some good news about merch... No, not at all.
Listen carefully! We are recording three new tracks which will be available and downloadable for free in June.
Yes! You've got it right!

Not only but soon you will also have "the making of" concerning the recording sessions and a special "gift" but we can't say more at the moment.

Moreover you have soon the chance to meet us on stage and listen to us playing the new stuff.

So please visit the tour dates page and stay tuned. Drop us a line if you wanna chat with us.


Cacao and ARCADIA

~ March 2009 ~
Special message from Dimitry

Hey folks!

We are actually in the studio mixing the new PROMO for 2009.

We are working on 3 killer tracks and it will be a special treat for our fans to download free.

I look forward to hearing your coments on the new tracks YEAH!!!! Blast them straight in your stereo, but before doing that, I have just come up with an idea...

The new 2009 promo coincides with the old, old, old 1999 promo.

10 years have passed, same period, same number of songs, isn't that weird? :-)

Thanks to that demo everything started to move foward.

Since then Arcadia started playing all over the country, faithfully supported by our fans, and "we got signed" for the first time by "No brain records". So thank you all VERY MUCH!!!

For those who have never listened to the band's oldest material this is a very special occasion to see how ARCADIA has grown over the years!!!

You can download "Trust" track 1 from this website download page.

Enjoy!! We would REALLY like some feedback from our fans... because you're important to us, and without you we are nothing...

Stay tuned because you'll be able to listen to the brand new PROMO 2009 soon...

Have fun and take care!


Dimitry and ARCADIA

~ Dicember 2008 / January 2009 ~

First of all we wish all fans a positive and amazing new year 2009.

2008 was a very busy year for ARCADIA: more than 100 dates, 3 European tours in more than 15 countries. A very good result indeed!

As for the next gigs, the band will be engaged in a new Italian tour in February and new studio sessions are also expected two months later.

The new album songs are being worked on positively and the writing process should come to an end in February 2009.

No title has been decided for the new album yet. Some titles of the songs included are: "Red roses and Vermins", "I sold drugs to a little red riding hood", "10 miligrams or more…".

Stay tuned for further news about the next album and future live dates.

Demetrio and ARCADIA boys

~ November 2008 ~

Arcadia have just come back from the 3rd part of the "Never Home Tour 2 2008".

Once again they have been touring Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

After a short period of break they will play a couple of dates in Italy: Milan (December, 13) and Gorizia (December, 19) with the band "Code of Silence" from Germany.

The band will enter the "Studio A" to write new material for the next album coming out in 2009.

We wanna say hi and thank all our fans from all over the world who are costantly supporting us, we really appreciate that.

Stay tuned for some important news coming out soon.

Dimitry of Arcadia

~ June-July 2008 ~

Arcadia and Maledeo decided they came to a parting way, because of musical and professional divergences.

Let's come to good news: Arcadia will open for American HC legends AgnosticFront at the MusciDrome in Milan on the 14th of July.

Arcadia will continue the festival tour on the 2nd of August, joining the "SEVERNI VITR FEST" in Litomerice, Czech Republic.

For these dates Arcadia will cooperate with a session bass player.

As said in a bulletin, the UK tour has been postponed to November 2008, but no fears Arcadia will hit the stage angrier than ever, also ready to finally compose some new songs for the new album (the pre-production sessions are soon to be announced).

For what concerns the date of the 14th supporting AgnisticFront, if you are in need for some tickets we have some lowpriced ones so feel free to contact our management at

Stay tuned for forthcoming news!


~ April-May 2008 ~

Arcadia are now touring in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

During the Scandinavian gigs the band will be supported by the well-known Norwegian band Illusion and Orkenkiott.

During the month of June the band will focus on composing some new material which will be probably included in the next new album.

In July Arcadia will be on tour again, this time visiting UK, Benelux and Germany.

Finally you can find some interviews on the major metal magazines like metal hammer, metal maniac, rock sound, rock hard etc. You can already find some of them in our press section.

New videos will be on line soon... Stay tuned!

~ February-March 2008 ~

On February, 22 Arcadia left for a new European tour.

Starting with Serbia this tour will have some pauses but will last till August, including festivals and other gigs.

The first reviews and interviews are out on dedicated magazines like Metal Hammer Italy, RockSound Italy, Metal Maniac Italy, ...

reviews and interviews are already on line and are listed below.

Arcadia's latest CD, "
Cold Cold Bodies", is officially released in Italy by Frontiers, in Germany by Point Music, in Spain by Avispa.

Fracture Concrete, the previous album is now in digital distribution on all webstores thanks to CDbaby. You can find it on the most famous distributors like i-tunes, Napster and so on...

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more news...

See you soon :D

Latest Online Reviews and Interviews:

~ December 2007-January 2008 ~

Hi everybody !!! ARCADIA want to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2008.

The band came back home from their European tour on November 24, 2007 and is now on tour in Italy.

After being headliner at the Calabrian Metal Fest on December 28 and playing together with other important Italian and foreign bands such as Glacial Fear, Near Death Experience, 3of8, etc..., ARCADIA will celebrate the New Year's Day live on the stage at Saline (RC).

The new album "Cold Cold Bodies" was released in Italy on November 12, 2007 and will be out in Germany and other European countries in the next few weeks.

New reviews and interviews have recently appeared on various websites...

~ November 2007 ~

The band is on a European tour from September to December 2007.

The new album "Cold Cold Bodies" is about to be released on the label Valery Records.

Check out the first review on

Moreover the band will be a headliner at the second edition of "Calabrian Metal Inferno" which will be held in Catanzaro, Italy on December 28, 2007.

The band is also considering some offers from foreign booking agencies for new live shows in the next season.

~ September-October 2007 ~


We are proud to announce that Arcadia has just signed for
Valery Records for the new full length album. "Cold, Cold Bodies" will be in stores at the end of October !!!

The album will be distributed by:
Frontiers in Italy,
Cargo UK in UK,
Season of mist in France,
Point Music in Germany,
Avispa in Spain,
Impulse Music in the United States.

The band will start a new European tour on 28th September. For more info click here.


- 0.066
- She’s got a knife
- Kissing cynaide
- Coagulated and almost forgotten
- Ravens and doves
- Oxygen and a very good pill
- It corrodes the stars
- Cadavers under formalin
- Love is dead
- Ephe_dream
- Burn the witches
- Where somehow it’s always december
- Of rust, needles and a taste of blood

  Includes 'ravens and doves'

~ July-August 2007 ~

It looks like summer is bringing important news for the band !!!

First of all we have a new bass player, Amedeo Lippolis, who is already working hard as official member of Arcadia.

Actually the guys are very busy with mixing the new album "Cold Cold Bodies" which will hit the market probably at the end of September 2007.

The band has also finished shooting of the new videoclip for the forthcoming single "Ravens and Doves".

What else? Ah yes, the band was invited in July to the MetalCamp in Tolmin (Slovenia), the Eastern Breeze in UK and the SKC metal fest in Belgrade.


~ April-May 2007 ~

Arcadia have just come back from a European tour of one month or more.

Currently the new album recording is going on at A-studios. Twelve tracks are being recorded but not all of them are likely to be included in the album.

The 3rd long-awaited CD entitled "Cold, Cold Bodies" is scheduled to be released in September or October 2007.

Next live show: 30th April 2007, DANCE INTO THE 1ST OF MAY FESTIVAL - KULTURCAFE' SCHLACHTHAUS Schlachthausstraße 11, A-6850 Dornbirn, AUSTRIA.

See you soon!

~ February-March 2007 ~

The band are currently working in the studio on the new album "Cold, Cold Bodies"; drums and some guitar parts have already been recorded during the home tour breaks.

On March 6 ARCADIA are going out on tour and will perform throughout Europe for one month and a half.

Once back in Italy the recording sessions will be continued and concluded in Vercelli A-studios.

The new album will be released in the late Autumn.

~ January 2007 ~

Great news coming up with the new year 2007 !!!

New year, new bass player !!!

We've got a brand new member, Alex from Turin who had his first stage experience with us at Boccaccio, Monza on 20th January.

The band is speechless about this line-up change: any word would be a waste of time.

So... they will officially start their European tour in Bucharest, Romania on 6th March and won't stop until later April.

The band confirms the beginning of their recording sessions in January, which will be continued on the tour breaks.

The new album "Cold Cold Bodies" includes from 10 to 12 tracks and will be released on September 2007. The new songs are even groovier than the previous ones.

The most important thing to communicate to fans and supporters is that the band has just signed for the American "Fourhorsemen Production", owned by Jody Yeakley.

With his support the band is also scheduling the US tour and the new release...

New year, new life !!!

~ December 2006 ~

The band is concluding the pre-production and on January 15 will finally start the recording sessions of the new album whose title, as already announced, is "Cold Cold Bodies".

The CD will be recorded at the new Studio A and the poduction will be entirely made by the band itself. Twelve tracks will be recorded but only 8/9 will be part of the album. Here are some of the titles: "corrodes the stars", "coagulated and almost forgotten", "ephe_dream", "of rust, needles and a taste of blood"...

Even if the band will be busy for the recording sessions, Arcadia won't stop touring the world: the band's European tour was confirmed to start on March, 17 2007.

The American magazine "Metal Detector" has dedicated its cover to the band in the December issue (thanx).

In the meantime Arcadia will tour Italy until March (see tour dates or our myspace for details). The next Italian gigs are in Turin on Jan 16 and in Rome on Jan 22 plus a special nite for the new year's eve -> w/ Sufferhead at Puget Sound. Free entrance!!! Everybody is invited to the show!!!

See you soon!!!

~ November 2006 ~

Finally ARCADIA's 4 track promo sees the light as a preview of the future album "Cold Cold Bodies".

It's possible to listen to the preview at or at the band's official website

The band is still composing the new tracks to be included in the forthcoming album; the recording sessions have been delayed due to the intense live activity of the band.

Arcadia will enter the studios by January 2007 also to have a feedback about the new tracks of the promo just recorded.

See you soon!

~ September 2006 ~

The band has just finished the four tracks which will be a sort of pre-listening for the upcoming and long awaited album "Cold Cold Bodies", this will be the title of the new album after the release in 2005 of "Fracture Concrete".

Arcadia will start the recording session during the second half of October in their own studio, recording a total amount of 10 songs.

Some titles :"Burn the Witches", "Ephe_dream", "Cadavers under Formalin", "Of Rust, Needles and a Taste of Blood", "She's got a knife", etc...

In the meantime, "Fracture Concrete" is out in these days in Australia, digitally distributed by the Australian Astral Rec.

The band has recently signed for the American agency "Hardcore Marketing" headed by Neil Sheehan, already manager for Forever in Terror (metal blade rec.) and Beneath the Sky (victory rec.), and now also manager for Arcadia.

Another agency has started to cooperate with the band in these days, "Floating Point Management", from Streator, Illinois, Us.

Arcadia is also working hard on the new dates and is scheduling a European Tour booked by the English agency Pulse Rated Agency Group.

~ June 2006 ~

After "Fracture Concrete", new songs are being written for the new album and demos containing new stuff are also being recorded.

Live shows and "Fracture Concrete" promotion activities are continuing; ARCADIA also played live at on April 22, 2006.

Recent reviews have recently appeared online at...

The band is currently working on a brand new merchandise line which will be available soon.

Thanks to
CDBaby "Fracture Concrete" is currently available for sale in more than 2,400 US stores.

ARCADIA would like to thank all fans and supporters and those who came to their shows.

~ March 2006 ~ The band is currently touring Italy and they also have many dates to be confirmed in May. They will probably tour Holland in June...

Arcadia are writing a lot of new cool songs for the next recording, the new stuff is going to have a more personal direction...

Lot of thanks to all the people who came to their latest gigs (Zoe club, Cencios etc...)

Lot of radios are currently playing "FRACTURE CONCRETE" album:

- Radio lupo solitario
- No limits radio
- 4-26 radio
- The adversary
- Only human radio
- Metal city
- Demo spin radio
- Metal warrants
- Warensamble
- Supraglobal

New reviews can be fount at:



Check out the new Arcadia web page:

~ February 2006 ~

After their six-month tour in the US, ARCADIA have returned to Italy for some new promotional live dates (see Tour Dates) and to work in the studio on some new songs.

The band played a lot of gigs and showcases for several American labels above all in California, in all major Los Angeles clubs (Whisky a go go, Roxy Theatre, etc...) thanks to the Management (RG productions) and the booking agency (Fire in the hole entertainment).

The guys are now working on a new project and a mini-cd will be probably released by summer 2006 also including pieces composed in the last few months.

Moreover ARCADIA are planning a short European tour after which they will probably get back to the US.

We announce that a new "Fracture Concrete" review has recently appeared on the Argentinean web magazine:

~ Dec 2005/Jan 2006 ~

The band played their latest show at "The Roxy Theatre", Hollywood on December 22nd for the second time in two months.

They have been asked to play at "The Studio Suite", North Hollywood for the "New Year's Eve Night" on December 31st and have also been confirmed at the "Brick by Brick", San Diego on January 5th and at 'The Vibe', Riverside on the 8th for the "967 KCAL Rocks" (local radio) party.

On January 18th the band is flying back to Italy for some live dates and to compose and record some new material that will be part of the next album after "Fracture Concrete" (2004).
We remind you that anyone who wants to buy the album can check this site out: . Many thanks from ARCADIA.

Twenty of the new live photos taken by the professional photographer Sébastien Paquet, will be soon available on Arcadia's official website . Happy New Year 2006 from ARCADIA

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