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~ Oct/Nov 2005 ~

The new album promotion is going on successfully, seeing ARCADIA playing gigs throughout California.

After the latest exciting show at "Thre Roxy Theatre", well-known place in Hollywood, the band have decided to pause for a fortnight. Several new shows have been scheduled so US tour will be resumed and continued until the beginning of 2006.

A small Italian tour will follow at the end of January and ARCADIA will support the American band "The black Dhalia Murder" (Metal blade records).

Come back soon for updates on more gigs.

~ September 2005 ~

After their latest performance at Santa Monica's "14 below", on Sep 2, ARCADIA will play at "The Whisky a go go" on Sep 14. Don't miss this great show!!!

Tour dates in Europe and the US are up on the tour page.

A new website, completely dedicated to the band, full of pics and other stuff, can be found on Visit it now!!!

Be watching for more updates in September.

~ July 28, 2005 ~

ARCADIA are currently in the US to promote "Fracture Concrete" and for some showcases for various American big record labels on behalf of David Brown's Sinergy Artist Management.

The band are expected to stay in the US for a period of six months.

They have completed the pre-production of nine pieces which will be included in the band's next third album.

Be watching for more updates in early September.

~ July 3, 2005 ~

The band is working hard on the pre-production of 9 new songs, which will be part of the third official full length album. Some titles: Ephedream, Quello Che Vuoi (in Italian), She's Got A Knife, Same Blood, etc...

Probably it will be a more direct and violent album than "Fracture Concrete".

New reviews about Fracture Concrete on and ... and on June issue of Rock Sound.

The band is flying to the United States at the beginning of July where they will be busy with some showcases for a long period, under the management of David Brown's Sinergy.

~ May 8, 2005 ~

The band will be back to the USA in the early July and will take part in the "Metal Redemption Festival" (Irvington, New Jersey - July 8-9, 2005). Here is the two-day bill:

Body Count with ICE-T


More bands TBA

The "Prozac Generation" video has just been shot and will be online soon.

Seven songs of the new album have been completed. Here are some titles: "Same blood", "She has got a knife", "Ephedream", "Quello che vuoi".

Read the latest "Fracture Concrete" review at (Italian version).
English version  >

More reviews and interviews are available at:
< English version >

English version >

We remind you that "Fracture Concrete", is available for purchase. European users can apply for the CD by filling out this form; US and non-EU users can apply here.

From this site you can now download the complete video "Live at the Whisky" Hollywood, CA.

~ April 20, 2005 ~

The latest interview is online at

At the end of this month the "Prozac Generation" video will be available on this site.

"Fracture Concrete", the second album of the band and the first after the line up changes, is finally available. European users can apply for the CD by filling out this form; US and non-EU users can apply here.

The band are currently busy composing the new tracks which will be part of the next new album; they are going to be very important songs for their coming back to the USA, where, led by the new manager David Brown - Sinergy Management, Arcadia will take part in some show cases for some big record labels. Up to now six songs have been completed (one of them in Italian).

We remind you that from this site you can download for free the latest gig in USA: "Live at the Whisky" Hollywood, CA. Each week a new video clip of the concert will be added online.

~ March 16, 2005 ~

Out the 1st "Fracture Concrete" review on Italian version  |  English version.

The band has just come back after 3 months spent in Los Angeles.

They played many gigs in California venues such as "The Cat Club", "The Joint", "The Whisky a Go Go"...

A live-performance video, shot at "The Whisky a go go", is now available on this site.

The band also signed contracts with Sinergy Management, Udora, Jerome Dillon -> NiN drummer, Kopaz and cooperated with lots of famous nu metal bands. David Brown from Sinergy will take care of the band in the US.

Arcadia will now stay in Italy for 3 months to compose 15 songs, required by the management for some showcases the band are going to do in US in June.

The band has also been scheduled for the metal redemption festival, which will take place in New Jersey in June, 2-3.

Stay tuned and check this site for more news!!!

~ February 25, 2005 ~

Out an interview on ... Check it out guys!!!

Soon great news regarding Arcadia...

The band is going to work on some new staff, they have already written 3 new songs for a new project, you will know details as soon as possible...

~ February 21, 2005 ~

The 2nd part of ARCADIA's American Tour is coming to an end. The last show will be at the "Gas Chamber" club - Los Angeles, on February 26, 2005.

The band are coming back to Italy on March 1 but, following several managerial offers from big clubs, they are going to move again to USA some time later this year.

Soon available on this website some live video tracks from the band's performance of January 11, 2005 at the famous Whisky A Go Go.

~ January 16, 2005 ~

The band recorded the latest two shows in Los Angeles.

Soon available on this website the "Whisky a Go Go" and "14 Below" shows.

The band was confirmed again at the "Whisky a Go Go" on Feb 24 at 9 pm as guests of diminished.

~ January 4, 2005 ~

The band was scheduled for a concert at the "Whisky a Go Go" on Jan 11.

"Whisky a Go Go" is the most important and famous club in Los Angeles, where important bands such as Metallica, Guns N' Roses, The Doors played at the beginning of their musical career. Don't miss this event!!! Click here for directions.

"The Prozac Generation" Video is nearly finished.

~ December 14, 2004 ~

The band are living in the Los Angeles area now. Some gigs have already been played (one was at "The Joint Club" on December 7th) and more have been booked (see Tour Dates).

A live DVD will be recorded at Hollywood "Cat Club" on December 16th. It will be shown by Jay Raymond's Indie Concert TV and will be enjoyable online at

Jay Raymond is Arcadia's new manager. The band is currently negotiating with some labels for the new album release.

For all this Arcadia must thank the following people: Juan Garcia (agent steel) and Jay Raymond (indie concerts).
They also would like to give special thanks to Demetrio's cousin Carmela for her great help, support and precious advice.

~ December 4, 2004 ~

The band has been in the USA for the 2nd part of their tour since November 29, 2004.
Their first performance will be at "The Joint" (West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035) on December 7th (see
Tour Dates).

A new bassist has joined the band. The new member's name is Marco Mastrobuono.

The recording session of "Fracture Concrete" was concluded in November and a promo is now available for the US audience. The single "The Prozac Generation" video is going to be out soon.

The guys are quite satisfied with the new album which is evidence of the very high level reached by the band as to sound quality and originality, arrangements, power and general impact.

ARCADIA will also be involved in a "Tribute to Sepultura", organized by HM Booking, with the song "Attitude", chosen from the compilation "Roots".

Cool pics will be put up soon.

~ November 2004 ~

The band announces they have just concluded the mixing of the new album. The title is "Fracture Concrete".

This is the first album recorded by the band after the line-up changes.

Release date and label are still unknown: negotiations are being held. Promo CD's will be soon out.

"Fracture Concrete" Video, titled "The Prozac Generation", is being shot now and will be out around the end of November.

On December 29 the band will be touring the U.S.A. for the 2nd part of their American experience and for an intensive promotion activity.

The fans' support will be greatly appreciated. ARCADIA need your help more than ever !!!

~ September 2004 ~

Big changes in the band line up. Two members (guitarist/singer and bass player) left the band, to replace them three new artists were recruited: Alberto at the guitars (formerly with Illusoria), Michele (tiat5, ex-soul grind) at the vocals and Mirko (tiat5) at the bass. The new photos of the band have been added recently.

In December 2004 the band will be engaged for a long period in the second part of the American Tour.

The new recording sessions will begin on September 16 at Tommy Talamanca's Nadir Studios.

Ten sound tracks and a video track will be included in the new album. Here are some titles: The Prozac Generation, Pain Join, Zero and Less, Net Realm.

The new stuff can be described as an American nu metal and progressive technique combination.

~ March 2004 American Tour ~

Arcadia, band from Vercelli - Italy, was on tour in the United States from March 4 to March 8, 2004.
Click here to read the tour diary and enjoy the pictures

Among various gigs the band was in Tampa - Florida on March 5/7 to take part in Sun n' Steel 1st Annual Florida Metalfest, the biggest fest ever held in Florida, together with Testament, Obituary, Ice-t + Bodycount, Entombed, Mod, Savatage, Prong, Raven and many other more...

Click for details on Arcadia's American Tour 2004!

Great news coming soon, keep tuned in to:

~ December 2003 ~

The Band have just finished recording the 2nd eagerly awaited CD titled "Trip to the Sun".

The sound mixing will be done in January in Tommy Talamanca's Nadir Studios.

The release of the 2nd act is expected in the first months of 2004 by Urlo Music / Emi Music.

Moreover we welcome the new booking management.

See you soon then for new shocking news.

~ New reviews in the Reviews Section ~

~ Summer 2003 ~

The band ARCADIA have recently signed a contract with "URLO Music / Paincore Records", Italian label (producer of Renoir, Moog, Mothercare, etc...).

The band are now in their own studios for the production of the next album "Trip to the Sun" which will be out in January 2004 on EMI Music distribution. The new album includes ten songs; two promotional videos of the first two hit-singles will be produced.

The band will be on tour from the second half of October.

~ March/April 2003 ~

~ interview on metal shock magazine ~

The band are going to finish the preproduction of the new album. Some titles are: Dvd, useless fight, nu way, tonight, last.

They are expected to enter the studios in Summer 2003

The band will take part in the "Italian nu metal fest 2003" together with geat other bands like Browbeat, GF93, Unwelcome, Guilty Method.

The concert will be on 1st November 2003!

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